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Avner Boskey

Avner Boskey lives in the Beersheva region of Israel with his wife Rachel. Avner regularly writes informative newsletters to encourage prayer for Israel and to help God’s people be more aware of current events in Israel and around the world from a biblical perspective. Along with his wife Rachel, they have written and recorded a large amount of original Messianic worship music. Avner is the author of the book ‘Israel the Key to World Revival,’ A Perspective on Islam’ and ‘A Messianic Perspective on the Restoration of David’s Tabernacle’ available at www.davidstent.org.  Avner and Rachel have released four CDs – ‘Old & New’ (1993), ‘Ancient Gates’ (2001), ‘LaKatzir—For the Harvest’ (2001) and ‘Four Winds’ (2011), all available at www.davidstent.org through David’s Tent Music

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