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Tears of Jihad is a documentary film project revealing the dark and hidden history of Islam. The films purpose is to educate viewers about Islam’s true nature through empirical evidence investigating the 270 million non-Muslim lives lost due to Islamic Jihad. This includes 10 million Buddhists, 60 million Christians, 80 million Hindus and 120 million Africans murdered throughout history and over 220,000 others killed since the 9/11 attacks that brought terrorism and Islamic Jihad to the attention of the Western world.

The documentary features two world-leading authorities on political Islam — Dr. Bill Warner PhD, from the Center for the Study of Political Islam, and Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch. It also includes eye-witness accounts of those who have fled brutal Islamic oppression and lived to share their story.

This illuminating film courageously explores key historical events and statistical figures considered by many as too controversial for discussion in the present social climate.

Undoubtedly the greatest story never told, this is your invitation and opportunity to play a part in bringing this film to life. Partner with us in funding the production of this key contribution to the current discourse. You can be part of bringing this critical research to the world stage. Make history with us.

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