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Daniel-SecombProviding news and commentary regarding issues surrounding Israel, Islam and the Middle East in the context of Biblical End Times teaching. Posts are from a Christian evangelical, premillennial and pro-Israel perspective.

The Founding Director and Editor-In-Chief of Israel, Islam and End Times is Daniel Secomb. Daniel is an Australian Bible teacher who specialises in End Times, Israel, the Jewish People, Islam, the culture wars and apologetics.

Daniel founded Israel, Islam and End Times after a strong burden to inform people of the central importance of the nation of Israel in the End Times and how Islam will also play a pivotal role. He started the Israel, Islam and End Times website as an aggregated news service in October 2013 and began holding monthly teaching seminars in June 2015.

He has spoken at various church denominations including The Baptist Church, The Uniting Church, The Salvation Army, C3 (Christian City Church) and ACC (Australian Christian Churches).

Daniel holds the role of Assistant National Coordinator of the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE) in Australasia. He is also the founder and Editor-In-Chief of Culture War Resource.

Daniel is married with three children and resides on the New South Wales Central Coast in Australia. For more information and invitation enquiries, please go to danielsecomb.com.



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