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  • John Preller

    “World global attention would expose “Hizballah’s hypocrisy in its cynical use of civilians as… human shields.”
    But the world dances on not caring about those hundreds of thousands of innocent lives lost in Hizballah’s slaughter towards world dominations. to the tune of Hizballah’s is a system of peace and good will towards all BUT those who resist them any crimes.
    Even a concerted campaign to showcase Hizballah’s war preparation is unlikely to change things, said Eyal Zisser, a senior research fellow at the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies. Hizballah exploits the fact that “the international community is too busy and…weak to do something about it,” Zisser said. All of “these talks and reports have no meaning. See what is happening in Syria.”

  • John Preller

    Why the so-called “world media” are not condemning in the strongest possible language the cowardly Hezbollah orchestrated attack on innocent civilians causing death and destruction, which is a deliberate act of war, yet the world media with no back bone dances on uncaring and only interested in condemning Israel when they defend themselves against brutal unprovoked attacks because they are Jewish
    SHAME on you world media SHAME on you for deserting the Jewish peoples and Israel in a time of need.
    But the GOOD news as prophesied over 3000 years ago in the Bible, is that the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will protect and defend HIS favored children the Jewish Nation in the end. You may ask why do I believe the prophesy? It’s because for thousands of years thousands of Bible prophesies have been successfully accomplished without fail.

    There are no other prophesies in history that have done that!

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