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  • Sergey Sagan

    He does NOT appear out of Syria, but Assyria! Know your Bible! Assyria is present day Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Iran

  • Luiz

    The only ones in the world who want to eliminate the Jews are now all Muslims of Islam. Can not you see that?
    The comment below is correct.
    God blinded the Jews of Israel. They can not see or understand anything. The only nation struggling to protect Jews in the world is Russia. The only one that truly fights terrorists and ISIS (Islamic state) of Islam, they talk every day that they will invade Israel to eliminate all the Jews (and Erdogan is the leader behind everything). See Vladimir Putin saying he wants to protect the Jews from persecution of anti-Semitism, and also to protect Christians. Russia does not exist in Biblical prophecies. Will study
    Turkish President and PM: “We will gather the entire Muslim world and invade Jerusalem” https://www.israelislamandendtimes.com/turkish-president-and-pm-we-will-gather-together-all-of-the-muslim-world -and-invade-jerusalem /

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