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  • Brad

    I have news for you. The plan is well advanced and may be realised by 2018-2020. So quickly? Yes. Once the restrainer is taken away, the plan will be very quickly executed. War will break out and lawlessness will prevail around the world. Be ready to escape. watchfortheday.org unsealed.org heavenlysign2017.org

  • Mario Merdirossian

    Yes, right. It’s better for the world to be under the guidance of Trump, the Koch brothers, Putin and the rest of these far right individuals. l don’t follow Catholicism, but l trust Pope Francis far more than any of the above. Including Natanyahu. Or whatever is his spelling.

    • Yopu

      No, I don’t think that’s the point. The point of not having one order is so that there is still an opportunity to create scattered communities of goodness. If we all give our power, voice, and decision-making to One Group, then we forever lose all hope of liberating ourselves from enslaved co-dependence.

      For example, if the United States was 100% Federal, then Cannabis wouldn’t be allowed to treat so many patients as it does today, because of States’ individual, localized privleges.

      Healing the whole is easier in small batches than in bulk.

  • Yopu

    But… They SAY it’s for the good of humanity! The Pope wouldn’t lie to us, why would he??!! :'{ A world of peace, equality, justice, and health.. wow, seems so terrible. -. -;;;

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