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  • NamLeatherneckRN

    No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. Matthew 6:24 and allah is no god he is of the devil . Matthew 7:16–By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles?

    • Janet Clare

      Apparently, members of Rev. Wright’s church can. In this video, an Egyptian minister reports on (at about 3 mins in) conversations he had with Trinity Church Membership coordinator about their Muslim members. (As an aside, Rev. Wright himself was a Black Muslim member of Farrakhan’s mosque before he broke away to start the church.)

  • Peter Castle

    Obama clearly identifies with Islam, loves socialism and black liberation theology.

    See “Obama’s Muslim Roots and Sympathies” at http://t.co/3FIt1xmLqV.

  • Michael

    The KJV of the Christian bible states in the Book of Matthew. Chapter 10, verses 32 and 33.
    32 Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.
    33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.
    If the President doesn’t renounce his former faith, his new one is null and not authentic.

  • John Warren

    Accepting christianity is not what saves our souls. It is accepting Christ that does that. Obama is not a Christian, he is however there because God wants him there. While I don’t like it and I am outspoken on my dis-approval of his being there, I will accept that it is all in God’s plan for us. He will be removed in God’s time.

  • Karen

    What part of walks like a duck, talks like a duck ….. It’s a duck, did people not understand! Treasonous Muslim duck!

  • Kevin P Sullivan

    Once again trying to take credit for programs he never had intentions of passing or pursuing in America’s interest

    First he tried to push illegal amnesty in by attaching it with the health care act along with hundreds of billions in aid to countries that consider themselves our enemies but insisted they were going to use the money to feed the children

    [You know those children as young as four or five years old and older that we’ve learned were beat,served, tortured and raped and sold into slavery and prostitution or slaughtered then beheaded]

    Then with the Gay marrage rights bill [Also weighed down with hidden/non existing investments abroad in foreign lands]

    Then the Jobs Bill etc :We’re Deception has constantly been used on Women, children ,College age adults 18 to 24 and senior citizens within the middle class and them veterans and disabled Americans that The Democratic Party has pushed alongside for countless of decades and those persons most likely who truly have been in need of assistance for fare to long that just barely live within their means of survival for them and their families who remain eligible.

    While Obama Democrats refuse to move forward on over 400 pieces of legislation from Republicans and newly elected Tea Party Members and in some cases the majority of the Democratic Party itself that remained on Reid’s desk without consideration but in most cases were falsely reported as future ideas and possibilities made by Obama himself that will also be implemented two to five years down the line after him leaving office you better put on your boots for that>> OBAMA once again trying to take credit for programs he did not initiate and never had intentions of passing are pursuing in America’s interest

    Programs from Republicans and newly elected Tea Party Members for A More Balanced Budget and Education reform including regulation on lowering by more than 46% how much Banks and University lending groups can charge students in Educational loans,interest rates, ensuring any federally funded programs stays out of the hands of any organizations that are not American citizen family education or American citizen job based opportunities related all the way to Health care reform and over a hundred investment and Jobs bills in Transportation,Bridge, roads and housing infrastructure to strengthen our economy and empower the middle class and poor that would have Created Tens of Millions of Jobs along with Opportunities for Americans…

    And for all those naysayers who are saying okay Republican and Patriot Tea Party members Do It Now. Remember opportunities do not last forever much less when no one in power moves on them for over 7 years and any new ideas are being suppressed and hidden with false propaganda and a smoke screen by a corrupt media and their false profit idealist leadership.

    Obama and his representatives and administration have consistently used the threat of shutting it all down by shutting down OUR Government and Holding Our Memorials and Any Lifelong Investments {“when you unwillingly have to invest in something then have to constantly prove your eligibility for it they’re not called Benefits”} Hostage and Ordering our all volunteer military forces personnel to fire on civilian Americans who are willing to step up and protect our Constitution -Bill of Rights and Our way of life.and By firing lifelong leading Patriots military strategist,Generals and Commanders And calling in foreign UN personnel for aid and assistance

    NOW OBAMA is once again putting the safety and security of every God loving American in DANGER.
    As Obama continues on HIS path of the Destruction of All Americans with more poverty, humility, unemployment, food stamps, foreclosures, homelessness and a non functioning budget with a Non working medical care system all created Under His Own Stardust Delusional Deceptive agenda Programs.

    While Spending Trillions Of TAXPAYER DOLLARS on legislation and handouts to illegal immigrants and Enemy ‘TERRORIST’ Combatants and Their Belief System.

    Yes, The BAD NEWS is with 91 %percent of Americans being Underemployed or on the part time employment rolls while on food stamps and receiving blanket coverage in benefits and Taxpayer paid for Handouts instead of a helping hand up or a light of a more promising tomorrow – Nationwide and with record high unemployment and homelessness.

    The Democratic party’s rule of hopelessness shoves America backwards.
    With 43% less billionaires and millionaires who are now just part of middle class america hoping to have saved enough to be able to retire unlike a majority of our senior citizens who will NOW have to work into their eighties and nineties and try to collect from a system they paid into over a lifetime from a corrupt government that re-named their long term investment and contributions to society as benefits.

    With additional signs of even further U.S. investments and companies economically being downgraded worldwide and “Insurance Companies, Health Institutions” On The Verge Of Collapse because of the pulled me over high end underhanded UNaffordable Care Act and a 70% disapproval rating on Obama’s unconstitutional New Taxes which go against procedural law and rules.

    Europe on the brink of economic crisis with American’s being kidnapped,wrongly persecuted, mistreated, raped, robbed and murdered with most family members returning to the States in record numbers completely bankrupt.

    While people atheists, Christians, Jews, gays, women and children alike are being burned & beheaded by the threat of Radical ISIS followers and Its Totally Muslims members looms worldwide.

    The Obama’s have, once again, taken advantage of taxpayer dollars by going on yet TWO more separate expensive vacations As usual with this administration unlike any other in the past all expense accounts personal and private encounters and meeting have been sealed under presidential order for 50 or more years… Kevin P Sullivan NYCB.


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