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  • Pamela

    The more we talk about this the better!

    • walter77777

      We remember that one hundred years ago the only Muslims not living in a colony were the Turks. The western colonizers justified their colonizing as being necessary to spread geospel and bring the heathen to whatever flavor of Christianity was dominant in the mother country. The lack of success in converting Muslims did little to erase eenduring bad taste this endeavor left in the Muslim mouth
      It is so bloody easy for Christians to behold the mote in the eye of their brother while they ignore the beam in their own eye.

      • Aleteia

        100 years ago the whole Arabian peninsula was in the hands of Muslims – former Christian territories, N. Africa was occupied by Muslims, and until 1877 the Turks waged attacks on Christians for 500 years, so tell me about the bad taste?

        • walter77777

          One hundred years ago the remnants of the Ottoman Empire were being taken over by the British, French, and Russians. The French got Syria and a some other territories; the British got the states they cobbled together to make British Mesopotamia (now called Iraq) setting up the region for instability and dictatorships to the present day.

          In 1916 the Arabians (now called the Saudis) were regarded as the poorest people on the face of the Earth, and Allied Powers saw no reason to colonize the place so the installed the House of Saud to run Arabia only returning when the oil was discovered in 1937.

          The West’s hands are absolutely not clean in our dealings with the Muslim world.

          • ENOUGH!

            Bullshit. Muslims have conquered or attempted to take by force all of western civilization for 1400 years. They ( the Moors) took all of the Med countries of Europe. That would be including Italy and Spain; the latter Muslims occupied for 800 years. So shove this bullshit where the sun don’t shine, mohammed …. Educate yourself before sucking muslim dick, asshole

          • walter77777

            My name is not Mohammed. I am Jewish; my Hebrew name is Dovid ben Meir. Hostility and anger solve no problems. A soft word turns away wrath.

          • ENOUGH!



            Yes, I am shouting … so you might hear.

          • Jo Alex SG

            Oh my, how delusional you were, wake up Alice, this is not wonderland and jihadists and their supporters are no softies who would ever get sensitive about soft words or whatever it is that is not submission to their theocratic, cruel and depotic dogmas!

          • walter77777

            The Muslims indeed tried to spread Islam by force for many centuries, but the Western colonialists justified their invasion and conquest of lands from the tip of S. America to virtually all of Africa, much of Asia, and all of Oceania in terms of brining the heathen Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and various nature worshippers to Jesus. The fact that the attempts to convert the Muslims had little success did little to reduce the very bad taste this endeavor left in the Muslim Mouth.

          • walter77777

            Enough: Muslim Spain was a place where Jewish culture had a marvelous time. Rabbi Maimonides wrote, Guide for the Perplexed, to bring his use of logic to the Jews and to the goyim. He wrote his book in Arabic suggesting that he understood that his methodology would be important to persons far beyond the Jewish community, and indeed it did.

            What good does recounting the past and condemning Islam in the present do? We might look to the Muslims who attended the vigils and marches condemning and mourning the running down the cyclists and pedestrians in NYC to find the decent peaceful Muslims (IMHO a large majority.) who only want to observe their religion, work hard, and live the American dream.

          • my name

            Bollocks. The ONLY thing helping these shit holes progress towards a normal, civilized world was the British…
            The biggest crime on humanity was obviously thinking they were even capable of being part of the Modern world. Especially fuckwitts that keep blaming people for events through history, that has absolutely nothing to do with anyone alive today….

  • Sam Oystein

    This is not true. And it should not be spread under the banner of Israel or the Jewish people. As a matter of fact, this is insulting to Jews. The Roman Empire, the Church, and secular European nations have murdered hundred times more human beings and a thousand times more Jews than Muslims and Arabs. Muslims have their issues. True. But it is not on the same level as Europeans who always separate between church and state when they have to commit mass murder. Hitler’s war led to 50 million deaths. There has been Korea, Vietnam and Iraq after WW II. All led to mass murder by Christian nations. The last mass murder by a Muslim country was the Armenian Genocide. That led to 1.5 million deaths. That is just 25% of Jews who died in the Holocaust, and 4% of human beings who died in World War II which featured Christian nations killing each other. I do not buy this assertion.

    • SonOfSA

      Putting your head in the sand will not help the problem much. Tell me how many Muslims have been killed by Christian extremists in Africa in the last say 5 years?

    • Robert Truss

      Sam, you need a History check. Moslims were invading every thing they ran across after the fall of Rome. The numbers are huge.

    • Jai Bharath

      In India alone, in 1988-90 @ Kashmir Hindu Pandit Genocide, in this modern world, Muslims have killed 5 Lakhs hindus and made another 2.5 Lakhs to leave Kashmir and migrate to other parts of India. This was not an act of terrorists, it was the normal civilian muslims who along with extermists have done this gruesome act of horror. Pls open your eyes…

      • Fara

        Even hindu people have done such gruesome acts of horror. You should open your eyes as well Jai Bharath. Violence against Muslims in India is a part of religious violence in India. There have been several instances of religious violence against Muslims since Partition of India in 1947, frequently in the form of violent attacks on Muslims by Hindu mobs that form a pattern of sporadic sectarian violence between the majority Hindu and minority Muslim communities. Over 10,000 people have been killed in Hindu-Muslim communal violence since 1950 in 6,933 instances of communal violence between 1954 and 1982.

        • JayZ
          • Fara

            So should you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violence_against_Muslims_in_India

            Wiki is actually a bad source but if you wanna play that kind of game so be it.

          • JayZ

            You play the victim card well. My rejoinder was to let you know the slaughter wasn’t as one sided as you painted it. There were Hindu victims too. Even now in Muslim majority districts in West Bengal and Kerala Hindu festivals are not being allowed to appease Muslims. Do tell on the state of minorities in Islamic majority countries. Hypocrisy much?

          • Fara

            Sure, some hindus was a victim as well. But so was muslim people. And that does not change the fact that Hindu people killed muslims. I am not saying muslims are innocent people, I am saying that whatever religion you are in, your religion have killed innocent people, either you like it or not. Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindu, even Buddhism have killed people.

            Also back in the day when Pakistan and India was together, many muslim was looked down at, thrown stuff at and even killed for been muslim. Check your facts, ok?

            But saying that Islam have taken the “record of killing the most people” is false. Give me real source for that. Yet, they used a source that DOSENT EXIST ANYMORE.

            “You play the victim card well”, what victim? How was I playing as “the victim”? Implying much?

          • JayZ

            Since you asked for FACTS swallow this:

            As long as the Muslim population remains around 1% of any given country they will be regarded as a peace-loving minority and not as a threat to anyone. In fact, they may be featured in articles and films, stereotyped for their colorful uniqueness:

            United States — Muslim 1.0%
            Australia — Muslim 1.5%
            Canada — Muslim 1.9%
            China — Muslim 1%-2%
            Italy — Muslim 1.5%
            Norway — Muslim 1.8%

            At 2% and 3% they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs:

            Denmark — Muslim 2%
            Germany — Muslim 3.7%
            United Kingdom — Muslim 2. 7%
            Spain — Muslim 4%
            Thailand — Muslim 4.6%

            From 5% on they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population.

            They will push for the introduction of halaal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature it on their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply. (United States).

            France — Muslim 8%
            Philippines — Muslim 5%
            Sweden — Muslim 5%
            Switzerland — Muslim 4.3%
            The Netherlands — Muslim 5.5%
            Trinidad & Tobago — Muslim 5.8%

            At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves under Sharia, the Islamic Law. The ultimate goal of Islam is not to convert the world but to establish Sharia law over the entire world.

            When Muslims reach 10% of the population, they will increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions (Paris — car-burnings). Any non-Muslim action that offends Islam will result in uprisings and threats (Amsterdam — Mohammed cartoons).

            Guyana — Muslim 10%
            India — Muslim 13.4%
            Israel — Muslim 16%
            Kenya — Muslim 10%
            Russia — Muslim 10-15%

            After reaching 20% expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings and church and synagogue burning:

            Ethiopia — Muslim 32.8%

            At 40% you will find widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks and ongoing militia warfare:

            Bosnia — Muslim 40%
            Chad — Muslim 53.1%
            Lebanon — Muslim 59.7%

            From 60% you may expect unfettered persecution of non-believers and other religions, sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels:

            Albania — Muslim 70%
            Malaysia — Muslim 60.4%
            Qatar — Muslim 77.5%
            Sudan — Muslim 70%

            After 80% expect State run ethnic cleansing and genocide:

            Bangladesh — Muslim 83%
            Egypt — Muslim 90%
            Gaza — Muslim 98.7%
            Indonesia — Muslim 86.1%
            Iran — Muslim 98%
            Iraq — Muslim 97%
            Jordan — Muslim 92%
            Morocco — Muslim 98.7%
            Pakistan — Muslim 97%
            Palestine — Muslim 99%
            Syria — Muslim 90%
            Tajikistan — Muslim 90%
            Turkey — Muslim 99.8%
            United Arab Emirates — Muslim 96%

            100% will usher in the peace of “Dar-es-Salaam” — the Isla mic House of Peace — there’s supposed to be peace because everybody is a Muslim:

            Afghanistan — Muslim 100%
            Saudi Arabia — Muslim 100%
            Somalia — Muslim 100%
            Yemen — Muslim 99.9%

            Of course, that’s not the case. To satisfy their blood lust, Muslims then start killing each other for a variety of reasons.

            “Before I was nine I had learned the basic canon of Arab life. It was me against my brother; me and my brother against our father; my family against my cousins and the clan; the clan against the tribe; and the tribe against the world. And all of us against the infidel. — Leon Uris, “The Haj”

            It is good to remember that in many, many countries, such as France, the Muslim populations are centered around ghettos based on their ethnicity. Muslims do not integrate into the community at large. Therefore, they exercise more power than their national average would indicate.

          • Fara

            “India the worst place on earth for muslims.NOT.India is home to many eminent Muslims who have made their mark in numerous fields and have played a constructive role in India’s economic rise and cultural influence across the world.”

            When the fuck did i say “INDIA THE WORST PLACE ON EARTH FOR MUSLIMS” ??? Read my comments properly before IMPLYING once again like you always do. BITCH, ALL I SAID THAT BACK IN THE TIME, MUSLIMS AND HINDU HATED EACH OTHER, and guess what??? SOME OF THEM STILL DO. I am aware of that some muslim still lives in india and HAVE indian friends and family. ALL I SAID WAS THAT BEFORE THEY HAD A WAR, ok? READ DAMNIT.

            And that “FACTS” of yours you want me to “swallow” is just another implying of yours. What the fuck? “The ultimate goal of Islam is not to convert the world but to establish Sharia law over the entire world”, yeah fucking right. Before WW2, there was over 10% JEWS of all religion. AND THEY WHERE PEACEFUL, but then Hitler came along and killed almost 8% of 10%! You are nothing but a islamphobic asshole who is most likely AMERICAN TRUMP SUPPORTER. Look. You can’t just be so narrowed minded. THAT FACT OF YOURS IS A LIE. PROVE THIS TO ME, prove it. If you can prove your bullshit, then i will belive you. C’mon, try it. Prove it.

            “100% will usher in the peace of “Dar-es-Salaam” — the Isla mic House of Peace — there’s supposed to be peace because everybody is a Muslim:

            Afghanistan — Muslim 100%

            Saudi Arabia — Muslim 100%

            Somalia — Muslim 100%

            Yemen — Muslim 99.9%”

            My family is form Afghanistan and I tell you this; THATS A BULLSHIT FACT. I AM NOT A MUSLIM, neither is my family! There is at lest 65% muslims there, NOT 100% !

            Again, you are not telling me facts, you are telling me bullshit you THINK will happen to the word because of your islamphobic pov. WHEN EROPA WAS LIVING THE CHRISTIAN SANITY, they killed their own people because they though their women were witch, they thought that “God” wanted to sacrifice poor mens and they even sacrificed KIDS for the name of GOD. Christians was WORSE than Islam. Islam before never KILLED THEIR OWN, and if you say “ISIS” and “Talibans” are muslims, then you are wrong. Because they came from America, another “Christian” land. Here is the fact and proves YOU need to swallow for your ignorant mind;





            Are we clear now? 🙂

          • JayZ

            easy there nancy drew dont get your panties in a twist.I asked you to address minorities in islamic nations,Nada,Muslims in India your version proven false.Nothing.now you trying to give us a whitewash ed version of islam all the best<Reform islam reform the mindset.

          • Fara

            Now now, I get its hard to admit that you was wrong, but there’s no need to lie to “prove” your point. Because in the end, it will be you ho will get your panties in a twist. You asked me to dress minorities in islamic nations, and yet I did. I did say, as my family is from Afghanistan, form middle east country, there’s many people there who are not muslims, even tho the population of middle-east is muslim. Also what i said about india was in the past, yet you ignore what i commented and twist my words so you can win this. You got your false prove from a man, been islamphobic just as you, talking crap just to make Christian look better than Islam when they both are honestly total crap, but the fact that he criticize Islam for “killing more people than any religion” is false. I don’t try to give you a “whitewashed” ed version of islam, i give you the truth, where you make excuses because you are afraid to admit your wrong in this argument.

            This argument is about Islam Has NOT Massacred Over 669+ Million Non-Muslims Since 622AD, which I proven is false by reading through all religion’s history form past till now.

            Get. Your. Facts. Checked.

          • JayZ

            In your head like I said the victim card.If Islam is on why are Muslims killing Muslims? Why even Ramadan is not holy any more. Mosque are targeted you can’t stay with each other since the day the prophet died and you want the world to believe Islam is a religion of peace and I need to fact check.

          • Fara

            Muslims killing muslims? I mean, I could also ask you this; Why is Christian polices killing Christian victims? Why is Christian school boy killing other fellow Christian students? Why is every religious people killing other religious people?

            It is not only Muslims. But if you ask “Why is ISIS/Taliban killing Muslims?” then its because ISIS/Taliban is not muslims people, they break the laws in their holy book. So do the Christian, Hindu, Jews and other people by Killing people.

            “Ramadan is not even holy anymore”, how ignorant can a person be? Ramadan have always been holy for muslims, they always celebrate Ramadan. This year, many people was killed because of ISIS when shopping food for the Ramadan celebration. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-36696568

            Every religion are suppose to be “religion of peace”, but thought history, religion have had habits of war, killing and sacrifice. I never said I wanted to make everyone believe that Islam is a religion of peace, please, read my comments correctly before implying shit like you always do. All I said was that Islam is not the only religion with all these bad stuff on them, every single religion have negative stuff within them. Like Christians, Jews, Hindu and even Buddhism people. They all hurt people, like muslims have. They all have negative impact on them. But it is a false imply to say that Islam Has Massacred Over 669+ Million Non-Muslims Since 622AD, when other religion have killed WAY FAR MORE.

            I’m not saying Islam is not innocent, I am saying every religion is not innocent. They are all bad actually, but Islam have never Massacred Over 669+ Million Non-Muslims Since 622AD. THAT IS FALSE STATEMENT.

          • JayZ

            Sidestep man. Focus Islam being discussed.

          • Fara

            Not sure what you try to do here.

          • rustyTuB

            What material did you read that claims Christian police unilaterally attacked Christians? What Christian sects are involved? Where is there a Christian police precinct? Were atheists and other religions screened from joining that police precinct? I have never head of such a thing in Europe, Asia, South Pacific or America.

          • rustyTuB

            What historical documents may I read to learn about Christendoms mass murders? I’d like to read what you’ve read.

          • Fara
          • Fara

            also your source: http://archive.frontpagemag.com/readArticle.aspx?ARTID=30675

            that is not a real source 🙂 Dr. Peter Hammond (who is not a real doctor at all, he is actually a economist— a person who studies the flow of cash and credit between people, institutions, banks, etc.), is a islamphob who think that Christians are better than Islam. But he forgets the fact that Christian have killed way more people, their own and innocent people than Islam have done. Check your facts again and do some real research before posting more bullshit and narrow-minded crap pov.

          • rustyTuB

            India seems to be a place where, historically, an amazing number of Hindus have been massacred with Muslim army commanders making the claims. ie: Timur with his 90K soldier arm where Timur claimed 100 felled/soldier so +1M at least. Is there historical record where Hindu army commanders make similar claims?

          • Marzeline

            AHAHAHAHA Chrsitans are taught from the very beginning how bad they are ecuase of crusades. I heard all the time that whites deserve it fo the crusades but crusades were responsses to 548 raids muslims done on christian countries and were launched to liberate Jerusalem. Crusades werent organized to murder all people who weren’t christians but to get back our freedom. How Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Afghanistan turned inot islamic countries? Jihad, murderign and slaughtering people. Christians were sending priests to convert people and not soldiers. Lebanon took mulsim palestinian refugees who after some time started murdering christians. They murdered 80% of christians in Lebanon. This is your islamic history. Snce the very begining of islam it’s always the same way. Always. Islam has never stopped murdering people and it;s doing it the same way for over 1400 years. Why? Read your scripture. I read koran and I;m disgusted as hell. I do not care about this cheap apologetics that it’s the matter of interpretation. Simple people take things literally and when you read koran everything is pretty much clear. What of that that in the previous chapters in koran korna is peacful while the last chapters are full of violence? its obvious that what’s the most recent in holy books is of greater importance so all you islam is religion of peace idea is falling apart. No religion has ever devoured so many innocent human beings. Crusades were defensive, Spanish inquisition took 350 years and eolved becuase there’s no support in New Testament whatsoever on violence whle islam didn’t and it always follows the same murderous paths. Koran comprises of 17% of verses with hatred toward Jews, New Testament 0% and Hitler’s Mein Kampf 7%. Islam in nazizm surpasses even hitler ahaha 29 quotes in islam call for murdering kafirs, 2 cutting their heads and 12 forbids muslim to be friends with kafirs which is prety much understandable that in Lebanon muslim were able to murder their neighbours without blinking of an eye just becuase they were christians. Those are the facts.

          • Dan Larrivee

            Dr. Peter Hammond is right nevertheless

          • Design Team

            I can say both muslimity and christianity are false religions with no peace and love or spiritual doctrines…. then jesus and allah are demons because they did not tezh to spread Love but only conversions, hate and lies…forced convertions … all bunch of demons…!

          • JayZ

            India the worst place on earth for muslims.NOT.India is home to many eminent Muslims who have made their mark in numerous fields and have played a constructive role in India’s economic rise and cultural influence across the world.

            Out of the 12 Presidents of the Republic of India, three were Muslims – Zakir Hussain, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed and A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Additionally, Mohammad Hidayatullah, A. M. Ahmadi, Mirza Hameedullah Beg and Altamas Kabir held the office of the Chief Justice of India on various occasions since independence. Mohammad Hidayatullah also served as the acting President of India on two separate occasions; and holds the distinct honour of being the only person to have served in all three offices of the President of India, the Vice President of India and the Chief Justice of India.
            The current Vice President of India, Mohammad Hamid Ansari, Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid and Director (Head) of the Intelligence Bureau, Syed Asif Ibrahim are Muslims. Mr. Ibrahim is the fist Muslim to hold this office. From 30 July 2010 to 10 June 2012, Dr. S. Y. Quraishi served as the Chief Election Commissioner of India. He was the first Muslim to serve in this position. Prominent Indian bureaucrats and diplomats include Abid Hussain, Ali Yavar Jung and Asaf Ali. Zafar Saifullah was Cabinet Secretary of the Government of India from 1993 to 1994. Salman Haidar was Indian Foreign Secretary from 1995 to 1997 and Deputy Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations.Influential Muslim politicians in India include Sheikh Abdullah, Farooq Abdullah and his son Omar Abdullah (the current Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir), Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, Sikander Bakht, A R Antulay, Ahmed Patel, C. H. Mohammed Koya, A.B.A. Ghani Khan Choudhury, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Salman Khurshid, Saifuddin Soz, E. Ahamed, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Syed Shahnawaz Hussain and Asaduddin Owaisi.

            Some of the most popular and influential actors and actresses of the Mumbai-based Bollywood film industry are Muslims. These include Yusuf Khan (stage name Dilip Kumar),Shahrukh Khan,Aamir Khan,Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Madhubala, and Emraan Hashmi.India is also home to several critically acclaimed Muslim actors such as Naseeruddin Shah, Johnny Walker, Shabana Azmi,Waheeda Rehman,Amjad Khan, Parveen Babi, Feroz Khan, Meena Kumari, Prem Nazir, Mammootty, Nargis Dutt, Irrfan Khan, Farida Jalal, Arshad Warsi, Mehmood, Zeenat Aman, Farooq Sheikh and Tabu.

            Some of the best known film directors of Indian cinema include Mehboob Khan, K. A. Abbas, Kamal Amrohi, K. Asif and the Abbas-Mustan duo. Indian Muslims also play pivotal roles in other forms of performing arts in India, particularly in music, modern art and theatre. M. F. Husain is one of India’s best known contemporary artists. Academy Awards winners Resul Pookutty and A. R. Rahman, Naushad Ali, Salim-Sulaiman and Nadeem Akhtar of the Nadeem-Shravan duo are some of India’s celebrated musicians. Abrar Alvi penned many of the greatest classics of Indian cinema. Prominent poets and lyricists include Shakeel Badayuni, Sahir Ludhianvi and Majrooh Sultanpuri. Popular Indian singers of Muslim faith include Mohammed Rafi, Anu Malik, Lucky Ali, Talat Mahmood and Shamshad Begum. Another famous personality is the tabla maestro Zakir Hussian.

            Sania Mirza, from Hyderabad, is the highest-ranked Indian woman tennis player. In cricket (the most popular sport of India), there are many Muslim players who have made strong and significant impacts. Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and Mohammad Azharuddin captained the Indian cricket team on various occasions. Other prominent Muslim cricketers in India are Mushtaq Ali, Syed Kirmani, Arshad Ayub, Mohammad Kaif, Munaf Patel, Zaheer Khan, Irfan Pathan, Yusuf Pathan and Wasim Jaffer.

            Azim Premji, CEO of India’s 3rd largest IT company Wipro Technologies and the 5th richest man in India with an estimated fortune of US$17.1 billion.
            India is home to several influential Muslim businessmen. Some of India’s most prominent firms, such as Wipro, Wockhardt, Himalaya Health Care, Hamdard Laboratories, Cipla and Mirza Tanners were founded by Muslims. The only two South Asian Muslim billionaires named by Forbes Magazine, Yusuf Hamied and Azim Premji, are from India.

            Though Muslims are under-represented in the Indian Armed Forces, as compared to Hindus and Sikhs,several Indian military Muslim personnel have earned gallantry awards and high ranks for exceptional service to the nation. Air Chief Marshal Idris Hasan Latif was Deputy Chief of the Air staff during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 and later served as Chief of the Air staff of the Indian Air Force from 1973 to 1976.Indian Army’s Abdul Hamid was posthumously awarded India’s highest military decoration, the Param Vir Chakra, for knocking-out seven Pakistani tanks with a recoilless gun during the Battle of Asal Uttar in 1965.Two other Muslims – Brigadier Mohammed Usman and Mohammed Ismail – were awarded Mahavir Chakra for their actions during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947.High ranking Muslims in the Indian Armed Forces include Lieutenant General Jameel Mahmood (former GOC-in-C Eastern Command of the Indian Army), Lieutenant General Sami Khan (former GoC-in-C, Central Army Command), Lieutenant General Syed Ata Hasnain, Major General Afsir Karim, Major General SM Hasnain, and Major General Mohammed Amin Naik.

            Abdul Kalam, one of India’s most respected scientists and the father of the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program (IGMDP) of India, was honoured through his appointment as the 11th President of India. His extensive contribution to India’s defence industry lead him to being nicknamed as the Missile Man of India and during his tenure as the President of India, he was affectionately known as People’s President. Zahoor Qasim, former Director of the National Institute of Oceanography, led India’s first scientific expedition to Antarctica and played a crucial role in the establishment of Dakshin Gangotri. He was also the former Vice Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia, Secretary of the Department of Ocean Development and the founder of Polar Research in India.Other prominent Muslim scientists and engineers include C. M. Habibullah, a stem cell scientist and director of Deccan College of Medical Sciences and Allied Hospitals and Center for Liver Research and Diagnostics, Hyderabad.In the field of Unani medicine, one can name Hakim Ajmal Khan, Hakim Abdul Hameed and Hakim Syed Zillur Rahman. Salim Ali, was an Indian ornithologist and naturalist, also known as the “birdman of India”.

            Zakir Naik is one of the most influential spiritual leaders of India as noted by The Indian Express in 2009.Ahle Sunnat Sufi leader Hazrat Syed Muhammad Ameen Mian Qaudri and Aboobacker Ahmad Musliyar have been included in the list of most influential Muslims list by Georgetown University. Mahmood Madani, leader of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind and MP was ranked at 36 for initiating a movement against terrorism in South Asia. Syed Ameen Mian has been ranked 44th in the list.
            While we are at it why dont you show me your list of prominent minorities that have achieved sucess in any muslim majority country.

          • trooper4truth

            One act of unprovoked aggression by Muslims. The first attack on Europe, Vienna in 1683. So as it turns out. If you wait around and mind your own business, they will attack. And there the Barbary pirates if the Mediterranian demanding passage fees. But they kept attacking anyway. So the result of the was Thomas Jefferson started the U.S. Marines (leathernecks) to counterattack Muslims as they tried to board merchant vessels. You may have read the Koran, in doing so you must understand why they do aggressions.

        • Ted Bishop

          That is in response to the Pakistani Muslims waging war on the Indian Hindus.

    • BlackTar100 .

      Regardless, neither one is “okay” but right now I would be worried about Islam.

      The countries where a majority of Muslims want to live under sharia law http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/the-countries-where-a-majority-of-muslims-want-to-live-under-sharia-law-a6773666.html Muslim Opinion Polls:A Tiny Minority of Extremists? http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/articles/opinion-polls.aspx

    • mtnduck

      your a idiot

    • Encina Buendía

      The prophet Muhammad killed the jews that lived in Medina, the muslims call the incident the punishment of Medina jews. The muslims massacred jews in 1013 in the city of Cordoba, and they massacred jews in 1066 in the city of Granada when Spain was under muslim occupation. (The muslims also killed millions of spanish people, but nobody cares about that because everybody hate us).

      • werdum

        Ohh…such a sadly great ignorance…Have you ever dared to read something about how jews and muslim arabs lived those times? How Jews freely practiced their worshiping? And what did for Jews the Holy Reconquista and a kind guy Torquemada (a Jew +convert, by the way), in particular? And what did for Jews the kind guys-crusaders and how they made the lives of the Jews who freely traded and worshiped much more “better” ?

    • Craig Christian

      More anti Christian bullshit.

    • Aleteia

      You say, “I do not buy this assertion” but you claim that “The Roman Empire, the Church, and secular European nations have murdered hundred times more human beings and a thousand times more Jews than Muslims and Arabs” – where do you take those numbers? From your pocket? “Hitler’s” war was spread over Europe, Asia – don’t forget Japan, China and S-E Asia, and the US and Canada sent soldiers too. Eighty millions of murdered Christians is accurate with approximation, for Eastern Europe where the Turks invaded and waged war, plus infidels were enslaved. You mention correctly that so called Christian countries separated church and state, and this is one big reason why it is hazardous to mix the faith and say, Christian countries murdered. The wars were lead by politicians who departed from Christian teachings.

    • Dale

      Nothing about Hitler was Christian.

      • Timothy J. Corbitt

        Probably because he was not. He was a Pagan.

    • timeklek

      Hitler was a Pagan and No Christian.

    • thompsoj

      You are wrong. Sorry if the truth hurts.

    • wpjokari

      “Sam Oystein” I believe that fakename like mine is Treyvon DeShawn Jackson from Tel Aviv, Israel…. Hitler was Jewish, and hated Christianity but ‘admired’ islam and (shinto) which he referred to as ‘the religion of Japan in service of their emperor’. You are combining US foreign policy against communism with nazi socialist genocide in europe.? The true extent of muslim slaughter will never be fully known: their societies have no recordkeeping, mass graves are normal operating procedure, and killers (which include police) are protected (see: Farkhunda).

    • Peggy Guthrie

      Wrong, I’m afraid. Wars in the 20th Century have not been fought on the grounds of Christianity. The West is not ruled by Christian governing bodies but by democratic and capitalistic principles. Your entire thought mechanism is biased and flawed. Muslims fight to expand Muslim laws and their idea of a world Caliphate. The West does not promote Christian suicide bombers or ask people to drive into crowds and shoot up night clubs in Paris.

    • Stuart Taylor

      You are obviously not very good at maths or history, especially Middle East and Indian history. You are also not very good at understanding Islam either. You sound like a nieve, ill informed Westerner.

    • Gregory Bezanson

      The Nazis were against Christianity and replaced Christian holidays with Pagan Nordic ones. They did not kill Jews from a Christian ideology but from a racial view that Germans were a superior Race which sprang from Darwinian survival of the fittest race. Its attack on the Soviet Union was to destroy the Slavic race and not an attack on Orthodox Christians. The Vietnam war was to prevent Communism from spreading in Asia and not from any religious motive. American aid to Israel is well known and Christians in the U.S. are leading supporters for the Jewish democracy which Bin Laden saw as a reason to kill Americans on 9/11. America has a separation of Church and State which means that the Church there does not attempt to dictate policy, Examples such as Abortions, opposed by Christians, and taking religion out of Public Schools show that religion does not control America.

    • “That led to 1.5 million deaths, which is just 25% of Jews who died in the Holocaust, and 4% of human beings who died in World War II which featured Christian nations killing each other.

      1,500,000 Armenians and 6,000,000 Jews. How much did each of these numbers represent regarding their nations? I mean 1,5 million Armenians from how many Armenians and 6 million Jews from how many Jews? Also, there is another significant fact that we can not neglect: the Armenians had their historical territories invaded by the Turks and were killed within this same territory.

    • Harley Quin

      Hitler hated Christianity. As for the wars in Korea etc, are you saying there is never any justification for war? If so, Israel should never defend itself against Islamic aggression.

      Christian nations fought and destroyed the Nazis, just as they destroyed slavery.

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  • SuchindranathAiyer

    Islam has been doing far better after the Second World War under Pax Americana and should exceed expectations owing to the stupidity of Democracies and Pakistan’s Islamic Bomb:

    US actions have been the deliberate advancement of a consistent pro-Sunni Islamic Policy since even before Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger and Sheikh Yamani forged the US-NATO-Sunni Petro Dollar Axis. Truman threw the Kurds into the Turkish Sunni belly in 1946. Nixon sent the Seventh Fleet up the Bay of Bengal to defend Pakistan;s right to practice Islam (mass rapes, sex slavery, genocide, vandalism etc) in 1971 and Turkey’s annexation of half of Cyprus in 1973 and the persecution of Shia Iran in International affairs. The US is a Polyphemus being ridden by Sunni (Petro Dollar) Islam as Sindbad was by the “Old Man of the Sea”. The White Hice, the State Department and the CIA are not accountable to the US people as much as internal US governance. From Nixon’s China and Pakistan to “contain India” (a suicidal India that is its own worst enemy, standing as a Totalitarian Anti-Hindu State on the two fundamental pillars of “reservations” and “corruption”) as State Policy, Bush (the Father’s) CIA when he founded the Bush wealth from largesse found under the Tent of Saud, to Reagan’s Iran-Contra and Taliban, to Clinton (the husband’s) bombing of Belgrade to cede Islam its first ethnically cleansed enclaves (Bosnia and Kosovo) in Europe since 1489, to Bush (the Son’s) Iraq and Obama (The Holy Ghost’s) ISIS, the White Hice have been acting just as any mercenary on the pay roll of Sunni (Petro Dollar) Islam might. Pakistan is the US’s consistent cat’s paw to contain India since Nixon as it has been China’s since inception. Islamic Terror is Pakistan’s favoured and consistent weapon in dealing with India and has full White Hice blessings. The US has tossed one country after another into the maws of Sunni Islam. Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Cyprus, Tunisia, “The Arab Spring” and Libya. Now the US has thrown its NATO allies in Europe into the anti-civilization and dehumanizing chaos called Islam.

    Daesh, Al Shebab like Boko Haram, Pakistan Army, Jaish e Mohammed, Lashkar e Taiba, Turkish Army, Saudi Army and so on are different regiments of Taliban (students of the Quran and the Hadiths raised in Madrassas around the world funded by Saudi and other Sunni Petro Dollars to impose what they have learned, Islam, on the rubble of civilization). They are not merely US allies, but US’ “boots on the ground” that are bringing democracy (regime change and chaos) on America’s behalf along with Islam (vandalism, gang rapes, beheadings, genocides, slavery and so on) on Mahomet’s behalf to the world.

    US Greed and Islam’s hate made the perfect consort dancing together since Nixon, Kissinger and Sheikh Yamani forged the US-NATO-Sunni axis. The Islam Mahomet created was born from his selling his soul to Satan to sate his hatred with revenge on Muqqa. The US became partners in crime as it submitted to the oil well betwixt the mammoth thighs of Mammon.

    • Dom Quixote II

      islam is a threat as expansion is their only purpose . So they support one side against the iranians and for 2000 years they are buying the war in middle east . They should learn with the russians that brake all the attempts to go north and east and they have the problem right in front of them .

  • Jason Archer

    That is why God commanded David to kill all in Israel as he gave them there Nation. The reason to keep them from ever uprising or to come back later to kill them. Today all of Islam needs to be killed destroyed exterminated off the planet. There false religion serves only one God and it’s Satan! He wants all people to be killed do they will not end up with God. Until people wake up and quit saying they are peaceful and learn about who they truly are they are going to continue to kill.

    • Odin47

      All religion is false, the religious people dont know the truth. They only read their bible and quran and think that is truth? The real truth is the world, the nature, and everything you can see and measure. So fare there is no traces of any gods, no angels, no satan, no demons, and no jesus exept the fotball player…

      • Aleteia

        No, not all religions are false! Sorry, do your homework.

    • SonOfSA

      On several accounts God did instruct the Hebrews to exterminate ALL indigenous population. It was done mostly to protect the Hebrews from worshiping the false gods in the area. If you studied the Bible Israel never did as God commanded. Therefore you have the problems in that location you have today. Also bear in mind it was not an ongoing instruction to kill all and everyone. Just a once or twice off for a very specific and determined goal.!

  • Dusty Koellhoffer

    And you can probably double that number with all the Moslems they’ve killed in honor killings, as apostates, abused wives, etc.

    The Eagle and the Snake – America’s war with Islam

    Follow the money of the global warming scam

    WARNING! Relapsing to liberalism may cause permanent brain damage

    Liberals only use 10% of their brains

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  • natsera

    The saddest part of the Inquisition, if it was really an attempt to extirpate the Muslims from Spain, Portugal and Italy, is that it also massacred and impoverished innocent Jews who were no threat to Iberia or Rome. If it were really directed against Moors, then it could have been done in a much more refined manner. As it is, we are right to include the Inquisition in our list of genocides against the Jews (1. Romans 2. Inquisition 3. Hitler). For shame on BOTH Muslims and Christians!

    • SonOfSA

      Hi Natsera, I’m not God and certainly don’t know the inquisitionists heart, but judging by their fruit I can say with certainty they were not Christians but rather Political and Power driven animals using Christianity as a cloak. Must like Hitler and others have done throughout the years.

      And yes we do owe the Jews and Muslims an apology for that some so called Christians have done!

      • rustyTuB

        The Moors and Jews of Spain held Christian slaves up until the Inquisition….. Possibly this had something to do with the focus of the Inquisition?

        • SonOfSA

          Hi Rusty, throughout history there have always been slaves (even today, I’m told more than ever before.) So I don’t think that’s the reason. Just politically and financially motivated power hungry dogs. Remember at that time in history The Bible was not allowed in homes or in the common languages. People were executed and imprisoned for translating it into common languages. As a result average Christians were easily duped and fed lies.

    • Timothy J. Corbitt

      The Inquisition had so few victims, it would not even make the top 100 in world massacres.

  • Matthew Townsend

    Not much when considering 669+ million is counted over a time span of 1394 years and in the United States alone, since 1973 (a time span of 43 years), we have massacred 58,994, 488 (almost 59 million) babies in the womb. Our killing rate is much higher than the Muslims over a given time. We, who live in the land of the free, believe in individual liberty, and where we value human life, we are guilty of the greater genocide over a given time span.

    • Dom Quixote II

      the war of civilizations does not forgive their own crimes . every empire has a role of killings … the issue is if they try to conquer western decaying civilization .

    • Aleteia

      The abortion are a very sad reality, but don’t mix apples and oranges! The article is about a death cult called Islam and its consequences. Abortion is departure from Christian ethics.

    • disqus45324hd

      Our killing rate? Do you think that just Christians have abortions? Abortions are from every country in the world. Also Moslems believe that a fetus is ‘just a fetus’ up to the 3 month mark and to them it is not sinful if they abort in that time.

  • Dom Quixote II

    the inquisition killed a lot !!!!!

  • What a ridiculous article. Virtually zero academic backing for such an outrageous claim. I can’t believe there are people who actually buy this.

  • Fuck Islam!!!!

  • Pranab Kiran Nath
  • werdum

    Just one fact that proves 100% falsehood here in this article. The original photo of “massacred armenians” – http://s233.photobucket.com/albums/ee5/kokiir/th_hh8.gif. And, as everyone can see, by this falsehood the authors show NO respect to the victims of the Holocaust – this photo shows what resources nazis used for soap and leather manufacture…Sadly enough, today every damn idiot tries to use this awful evidence of nazi’s atrocities for any purpose he (she) wants: genocide of Armenians, Serbs, Ukrainians and so on …The author just spits on his ancestor’s graves by using the documented history of the Holocaust as a political toy. GREAT shame on you!

  • alflorida

    And just think, Hillary wants a million more muslims to enter our country 🙁

  • timeklek

    Nothing Good is said of Islam; but then, is there any goodness in Islam?

  • angus1235

    *clicks source*
    This page is no longer available.

    Oy vey

  • Ted Bishop

    Arab Islam has no place in a high tech, modern world. It must be eradicated before progress can take us to a better life. The need for oil will diminish to the point that the middle eastern, Muslim oil producing countries will have to wage war on the civilized people, in an effort to get food. With neutron weapons, their numbers can be lowered enough to make them ineffective and not damage any infrastructure. That is what it’s coming to.

  • misterseer

    All true. Very very good report on the diabolic history of Satanic Islam. Well-meaning, ignorant muslims should read this and hang their heads in shame. There is nothing honorable about being a muslim. Nothing at all. It is loathsome. Despicable.

  • shots

    dont forget the Christians… their hands are not blood free by a long shot

  • eagle

    People need to stop trying put all religions together , christians do not kill unless it’s in self-defense , for some reason they believe if they can put all of them together it makes them feel better about the Muslims killing everybody .

  • trooper4truth

    I was taught world religions by Doctor Tongarage from India at Mt. San Jacinto College in Southern California. Pakistan was originally part of India. Eventually as Pakistan became Islamic Inda regard Pakistan as their army to protect India from invaders. Nevertheless, the historical information from the Muslim and Hindu historians is correct. The Muslims warred and took over Hindu India and there was apolyptical genocide. The Armenians were massacred, I met Bahi Chirstians at the college who’s Bahi Crhistian ancestors were wiped of off the face of the earth from Afghanistan my Muslims. We have witnessed in recent times the destruction of the great Bhudda statues being destroyed by explosives insice the cliffs, the destruction of ancient Christian churches and artifacts in in Syria and Iraq, which demonstrates their intent to erase any historical or physical evidence of Christianity. Mass graves of Christians are being found there on a regular basis. This year in 2017 the Saudis have put on a demonstration of honor toward President Trump. But this may only be an alliance of convience because the Saudi Sunni Muslims and the Iranian Shea Muslims have always been rivals and at war.

  • grace womack

    How much of it is correct I cannot say….but I do believe muslims have been sent into the world with the intent to conquer….they do not migrate and assimilate….they want things their way….I do not trust any of them….If they are practicing mussslims…they must rid the world of infidels….

  • Raj Ambardar

    Ideologies can make people do more evil things than Devil itself. When you look Islamic invading History worldwide and in my case in Kashmir, Indian sub-continent or in other places in the world. You see horrific face of Humanity.
    I always believed in Humanity as raised in a Hindu family in Kashmir known as Kashmiri pundits in Kashmir and outside of Kashmir. Our population in Kashmir was hardly 3-5% left in Kashmir.
    We gave education, love, respect to Muslims in Kashmir and our community is well known in all over India for non-violence then in the year 1990 all Muslims of Kashmir came out on streets, loud speakers on all mosques (Imagine), in processions, screaming to demand that we leave Kashmir now, leave our women as sex slaves as per Islamic traditions.
    This was enough for whole community of Kashmiri pundits 500,000 to leave their homes and flee overnight on 19th January 1990 to other parts of India. There have been incidents of straight killings on the roads, raping women and then cut them into pieces and threw those pieces into river Jehulum in Kashmir.
    World did not want to know and ignored our condition of existence since but this Monster wave is spreading as you know now.

  • Jo Alex SG

    The sheer factual truth of the theocratic and despotic ideology of Islam´s dissemination upon the Earth!! Shared, thanks!!

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