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  • mok

    only in America…pathetic!

    • Oscar


  • Aimee Cowan

    If this is allowed, I fear America is indeed finished. A statement that is so blatantly and undeniably anti-American, one which leaves no doubt as to the intent of all who support this event, cannot be ignored without devastating consequences. Failure to address and totally prohibit this activity places the current administration squarely in the middle of the uprising, and is in all aspects a coup attempt. The American people cannot afford to allow this takeover to even begin. Those who are planning to come here from other countries must be stopped before they even board a plane. Those already in this country must be arrested and charged with every form of treason and every nuance of rebellion against the people of The United States of America , and they must be swiftly punished by the most extreme measures the law provides. These traitors must never again be released onto the world. Their followers must be routed from their safe houses and their lairs wherever they may be. The followers must be subjected to the same punishment as the leaders, as they are no different and will only seek to regroup and rebuild for another such atrocity. In line with their own laws, they must be killed and publicly humiliated so as to make examples to all who might be tempted to repeat these barbaric acts perpetrated upon our nation and other nations in the future. We must erase all doubt as to how we will eradicate this scourge, and we must maintain eternal vigilance against any semblance of such vile and evil plans in the future and forevermore.

    • Sam

      Very wise and exact words Aimee! Thank you for penning my thoughts.

    • This is America and we will not tolerate this action. We will never become a Muslim Country. They do not belong here. Send them back to practice their religion in they’re own country.

  • Rosen Otter

    I’m not certain why you people keep calling this guy ‘Imam’, or ‘Cleric’. He never calls himself either, as far as I know, and his online biography doesn’t include it, either. Why give him an honorific he doesn’t ask for?

  • Rosavera

    The hearts and minds of Americans will respond IF you will be holding this rally at the White House… Americans will be there to counter anything you think in your vile mind to accomplish… Americans do not ever never want Sharia and you and your friends can keep it for yourselves…! The only Sharia law I want to see is one written on toilet paper…!

  • Randy Camper

    Hey, we allow freedom of speech in America. So I will support your right to express your beliefs, even though I disagree with them.
    However, we also believe in “an eye for an eye” here in America. So if you want to try to change our laws to Sharia Law, I hope you decide to do it by force, because then we will have an excuse to cap your extremist ass! Inshallah!

    • SUE


    • NotYourAverageBear

      This person is NOT an American citizen and therefore is NOT entitled to our Constitutional Rights of free speech and protest… This should never be allowed to happen and IMO is an act of war by a foreign national. He should be shot on site if he even approaches the White House. Enough is enough…

    • gary

      they have no freedom of speech here in america.they are not american.they do not posess the right of anything in america

  • Tuco

    If this pans out and those Islamic dirtbags are permitted into the country, March 3rd would seem to be an excellent date for another Rolling Thunder show of force, along with an NRA march for gun ownership rights and a VFW national convention. Oh, and also a good time for all the Capitol and DC Police to take a sick day. The watch the fur fly.

    • Kevin

      Tuco, I like the way you think!

    • Ever Vigilant

      Let’s not forget the Oath Keepers…

  • Kim Thomas
  • This story is outdated. This happened in 2011, and he never showed up.

  • Aora Smith

    American Presidents have been assassinated for less.Let him come. Let him bring a couple of his buddies…. they won’t leave the U.S. alive. And anyone who shows up in support of this rally, well… you can fully expect your every move to be forever henceforth monitored by every U.S. agency set up to combat terrorism. Welcome to the U.S.

  • Sun

    I believe in free speech also but from our enemies? I dont think they deserve the privilege when they are rallying to “Rise Up and Establish Islamic State in America” Now that sounds like trying to make some changes to establish their Power here and that just cannot be allowed.I am sure their “Buddy” who is in the White House will try to help them in any way he can,but I am hoping that the police and maybe some Military will turn this around for the Americans and not a bunch of Muslims.Their jobs are to protect US not the other way around.

  • Rick

    The safety on my AR15 is open to receive Islam…

  • Linda

    we’ve enabled this creature….as has the UK!
    your pc kumbayah coexist multiculturalism joys HAVE enabled him and those who are ALREADY in our country to be on their jihad AND WIN!
    they have infiltrated ALL walks of life….they are in ALL levels of our governments of our local communities, state governments and our federal government!
    they are in all levels of our education system brainwashing our children AND they ARE in our text book writing industry!
    they are in our food industry too changing the ways of the slaughter of our animals for food….making it eventually all halal!
    NOW try and stop them…..their jihad has been going on for 1400 years….and they will not stop until all their world lives under their political system called islam with laws called shariah!

  • sickntired

    I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Remember last year? The million muslim march in DC… I think there were about 25 people who showed up… that’s including the organizers.

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