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  • Nick

    The thing about Americans that no other countries will understand, is that we are very bold and self righteous, but our definition of love is the real force we have . If you come to our country we accept you but we don’t trust so easy. You may see weakness in our generosity but least you forget. We’ve been waging war for a very long time. All natives here are soldiers. you may see us fight between ourselves but win or lose we still we learn and adapt. We are the unconventional way of doing things but through shear will power and persistence we get the job done. You will not break us, you will not succeed in terror, all you’re just going to do is piss us off. And if we get mad you better believe we will instill the fear of God into your souls. ISIS is just a nuscence that we haven’t been able to swat with our swatter.

    • bonnie

      I only hope that’s true… because they are here.

    • gill smith

      or big headed

    • Joy

      What you don’t understand my dear is we Americans are well aware of what they are doing, with our stupid presidents help. But what they don’t see is all the Americans buying up more guns getting ready, just in case. What they don’t relize is that American women went through hell to get our equal rights and we will be damned if a bunch of sexist, racist pedos. Are going to come here and take that hard earned freedom from us, and they will find that even when we Americans fight amount ourselves when push comes to shove we will band together to kick your ass. We will not go quietly into the night, we will fight to the bitter end and we will make it cost to much to take over our beloved country. So here is what we Americans say to ISIS, Bring it.

      • Dave

        Proof read and spell check. Makes your comments more credible for such a small task. Nice sentiment though.

        • I smell a douche

          David, you are a douche.

        • Jennifer

          His comments read just fine. Your comment, however, shows an epic fail at a simple task called politeness. Your comment had no relevance nor contribution to the overall sentiment. Your tact-less critique renders your throw-him -a-bone compliment useless.

        • djaz

          You make such a stellar contribution to the discussion, Dave!

          I’ll send your “work” to the Pulitzer folks, right away.

    • Sofedupwithusefulidiots

      I agree with you to a certain extent. But the America you describe is before our WH was infiltrated with those who are attempting to destroy us from within. Our military has been diluted for this very reason. We have to get rid of the enemy from within if we have any chance of conquering this.

      • Jim

        You don’t get it. We are not expecting or waiting for our government or the military to protect us. WE are the ones who will be doing that. We the people. Us. You. Me. Get it? It doesn’t matter if Obama is a Muslim. The American public will get the job done.

        • Fuck Obama

          And when they finally do they will be labeled “domestic terrorists” and thrown in FEMA camps. This has been in the works for a very long time……

    • Johnathan Phillips Rogers

      You took the words right out of my mouth!!

    • Militarybooks

      With all due respect, I find your reply quite naive. Love is our real force? Sure, that and a cup of tea will get you a sharper blade for your neck.

      And ISIS is more than a nuisance. It is a another global push setting these cancer cells into place around the world.

      There is a tipping point in a free society. Se we are all soldiers? Great. Do you want to live in Lebanon and have your daughter running house to house with an AK-47? When it gets to the point where we are “pissed off” and we “instill the fear of God” into them, it is too late.

      Liberties will be curtailed, killings and bombings across our country will be routine, and there will be no way to stop it demographically when Muslim wombs squeeze out 5 kids for every 1.2 of us.

      Screw the love, buddy. Bring out the self-preservation.

  • gautam

    very true

  • Cynthia Hutchinson

    What happens in the world was told of in the Book of Revelations. God is in control even if it does not look that way in these times. The loss of life, people being martyrs etc. I think these radical elements are scared the Book of Revelations is coming true and they have risen as “demi-gods preaching words of hatred to the masses.” They think by destroying they are going to change the path we are on right now. They justify their existence that they are serving God or acting for God. But they are mistaken. The Jinns say dance and they are dancing. Soon they will be digging their own graves where no paradise will await them. The message I am hearing loud and clear from God is to turn your eyes unto God and do not concern yourself with the activities of man because we are easily misled when our eyes are not on God and we are not placing our full trust in God. “Turn your eyes upon Jesus
    look full in His wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace” I believe we are being tested to put our knowledge of God into practice in this crazy times. But other generations had to do this too.
    ” It was as if an earthquake rent
    The hearth-stones of a continent,
    And made forlorn
    The households born
    Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

    And in despair I bowed my head;
    “There is no peace on earth,” I said;
    “For hate is strong,
    And mocks the song
    Of peace on earth, good-will to men!”

    Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
    “God is not dead; nor doth he sleep!
    The Wrong shall fail,
    The Right prevail,
    With peace on earth, good-will to men!”
    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    • Anonymous

      @CynthiaHutchinson — love your comment!

    • Rae

      Every. Fucking. Generation. Of. Christians.

      Shut up with this world wide genocide fetish. It’s TIRED.

      • John Graves

        You are an idiot! They want to kill you also!

        • djaz


          Many Liberal journalists and gays in the Middle East could testify, if they’re were not dead.

  • gilly

    more like big headed

  • Earl Holder

    I am not a religious person. I do believe and that is about the extent of it. All you people can quote the various scriptures you want about leaving it to Gods hands…he will see us thru what the muslim murderous people are doing to the world. Some things I question about Gods hands protecting us. Terrorists kill everyone they can. Cut babies heads off, skin babies alive, burn people alive, all the atrocities they have done, rape, torture, and kill. My question….where was God, could He have stopped some or all of this horrible acts of violence world wide??? How can some of you say “dont worry, God will take care of us. He will keep us from harm” How did he help the 14 that just died? How about the others here in the USA that died from terrorism??? He didnt help them, they are dead. I dont want to hear the age old saying…God had a reason for allowing this to happen. Where is the compassionate God some believe in???? If terrorists came to my town and did like they did in the rest of the world, bombing, killing, torturing to death some of us, we will die, we will not be protected by God, we will die. It is that plain and simple. God could have destroyed the terrorists world wide when they first started. But he didnt…..so here we are….knowing when terrorists come we die. As I said, I believe there is a God, and Jesus. I also know God isnt protecting the innocent babies or adults. I am not an atheist by any means…never been baptized, dont attend church, and I dont want to die just yet from terrorists. I am not concerned about being in Gods place when I die. When I die, I wont see my kids or family, and they wont see me. so I dont benefit. Some will probably figure I am stupid by what I am saying. What I just stated is the truth. God will not protect the believers or the nonbelievers from death by the hands of terrorists. The truth is in the actions of the terrorists and the deaths from terrorists.

    • Eou812

      The reason all these bads things are happening is because the world has turned away from God. There is mass sin all over the entire world, almost if not as much as there was in Noah’s days. Which means the coming of Christ is very near.

      • Jessy Zander

        You do realize that not everybody believes in god right? That is just ignorant to believe that the entire world follows god.

      • You do not know your scripture. You cannot say you believe in God and Jesus in the same breathe and ask all the questions you ask. We are only here for a short time so make it useful. If you teach your children the scripture and bring God into your home God will reward. You must love him first. Our God is a jealous God rightfully so. Has he not given you and your family life? What does he ask for in return? Read your Bible and you will find all answers to all your questions then teach your young.

    • Todd

      Earl. Luke 12:4 KJV “And I say unto you my friends, Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more than they can do.” Keep your heart open to Jesus Christ, God manifest in the flesh, and He will take care of you and your family. In eternity, all those who receive Him will be together. 1 Corinthians 15:55 KJV “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” There will come a time when justice will come from God’s hand. In eternity future there will be no more evil, no more death. In the mean time, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus Christ. God bless 🙂

  • Sam

    Yes, America has been a great country. Yes, we will defend it. The point that is being missed here (comments above) is that, they are in fact already winning!

    “Well, what do you mean by that brother? We have guns and the fortitude”

    Right… We also have a majority of leftist and a slew of Islamic practicing Muslims that hate our very existence! 40-50% of baby’s being born in the U.S are born to Muslim family’s. The rate in which they reproduce is 8 to 1- this is 7 times the growth rate of Christians. Europe is no different.

    Let’s also remember that for an Islamic extremists, it is the greatest honor to die, whether suicide or in battle- this is why we have such a hard time dealing with them! They want to die and we don’t.
    The most dangerous people in the world are the ones who have nothing to lose in death, moreover, they welcome it! Oh yea… You can’t tell the good ones from the bad… People with a conscious will likely hesitate in battle, the enemy has no such hesitation- we are all infidels in their eyes.

    I agree with everything this woman said. Why is it that in WW2 nobody would take the Jews, but, in today’s society, we welcome the Syrians?!

    I must be in the Matrix-

    • Tom

      Right, these folks do not believe as per Proverbs 8:36 and will only love (chose) death!
      “But he that sins against me wrongs his own soul: all they that hate me love death.”

  • Lizabeth Manns

    America is founded on the law. The law prevails; constitutional law is the last refuge of all of us, for we would not exist as a nation without it. When a religion crosses over from being a religion to being a cult, what has usually happened is they have broken the law. Even religions may not infringe on civil liberties. A religion is free to express itself- you are free to call God “the Great Cucumber”, if you like, and to cover yourselves with salad dressing and cucumber slices, more power to you, enjoy. But you cannot commit murder in the name of religion; you cannot abridge a person’s civil rights in the name of religion; you cannot break the law in any way in the name of religion. If Muslims break the law in the name of religion, then they will have the police all over them, and the courts.They will go to court and be tried by a jury; they will suffer the consequences of the particular crime they have committed. Example: Mormons who married as many as forty women at once. They profess Christianity: they believe things even more outlandish than the Cucumber story; that is their privilege, in this great nation. But they may not commit bigamy or polygamy; that is against the law, and the law prosecuted them for it. Murder and terrorism will be treated as what it is: a crime. People who do this type of thing will be hunted down by the FBI, just like the gangsters during the Al Capone era. We are in no danger as a country, not at all. More people get shot every day here than most places, and not by Muslims. We argue and we carry on, we rant and rave. But in the end, we always do the right thing, even if it takes us a while. There are some extreme right wingers who want to do outlandish things. There are left wingers with extreme views as well. But all must obey the law- we live and we die by it.

    • Lpri

      Great points made here!!

  • Detlef Karn

    American may endlessly attack one another but outsiders need to remember one important trait that endures and has been that way throughout our history. When we are attacked by an outsider we come together as one. It’s who we are. Make no mistake about this.

    There have been other times in the history of our nation that other groups, even nations have mistakenly interpreted America as being a “weakened nation”, a soft people, primed for attack. All one has to do is review America’s history to understand how wrong their calculations were. Nothing’s changed. We still fight, fuss and feud amongst ourselves. But give us a common enemy and that enemy will also learn the lesson of other enemies who came before them. We are the United States of America and as such we are ONE.

  • Pat Comer

    Hunting population Pennsylvania – 750,000

    Hunting population Wisconsin – 600,000

    Hunting population Michigan – 700,000

    You think we won’t protect our own?
    There’s between 23 – 43 million hunters.
    Go ahead make our day

    • Jessy Zander

      You are what is wrong with this country

  • Ebrahim Kordy

    Oh Americans, Europeans:
    Don’t panic. Never bother Yourselves about anyone who doesn’t respect your country as long as you have laws applicable. Really you are great. And you are great nations.But You should think and rethink of what you hear or read. I myself never believe unless i am sure and know that something is right. Not all muslims terrorists.( see the number of crimes committed by Muslims and Non Muslims)
    Do You know that Islam is the father of Democracy.The Almighty ordered Our Prophet Peace and Prayers be Upon Him to consult his followers – and any leader that comes after- before taking any action.Please read more about Islam and the Quran before bearing prejudice against.And i know you are good readers. See how many of His Sayings and pieces of advice are being implemented in the international laws.Allah orders us who read the Quran to say Good to the People not say good to Muslims only. If there is one aggressive man among Muslims, he is not- at all- considered a muslim. We are asked to do good deeds and be kind to all Mankind – not only to Muslims.I don’t want you to remember how many were killed in your schools and universities.by your natives. I challenge you to mention a single newspaper or a magazine that depicted or insulted Jesus, Son Of Mary Peace and Prayers from Allah be upon Him. We Respect Believe in and love all Prophets and messengers sent by The AlMighty to Guide Humanity. We are asked not to differentiate between them. They were all sent by Allah.Our Prophet always said “My brother, Jesus” ” My brother, Moses” why should we hate each other? Why not love each other? Why should we not live in PEACE with each other? I have been to London, Los Angeles. Santa Cruiz, San Francisco, Sacramento, Atlanta, Washington. New York,… believe me, i felt good. I communicated with too many people.
    I haven’t studied Religions- theology. I study linguistics. i am a Muslim. and only know what enables me to perform The Muslim’s duties.As the great Majority of Muslims do. If there are any extremists among Muslims, they are found in every religion. we pity them as they need more guidance. They do terrorist deeds because of ignorance. they haven’t fully understood the Teachings of their religions. Iam completely certain that all heavenly books never tell their followers to commit crmes or to be aggressive with other Religions because they all come from one Source. so PLEASE CALM DOWN.

  • Ebrahim Kordy

    I forgot to say that we have a lot of Copts who are my friends and neighbours. we greet and respect each other, we study together. we work together . Never heard of what the writer of that article say.PLEASE Don’t Generalise.

    • Kirby Sisco

      Does you’re Koran not teach the believer that it is his duty to lie to the infidel if it furthers the Islamic agenda of destroying and ruling over all other religions and faiths and ways of life in the whole world? Sir I say to you that you are nothing more than a soft spoken liar promoting you’re Islamic doctrine by the the very laws that the Koran teaches,and by the way sir anyone that has even half a brain can see through the lies that you are so calmly spouting! As for me I will not calm down,I will not ever believe anything you say and I will never bow to you or any other bigot,I sir am you’re enemy and you can count on that!

    • that is hilarious! what do muslims do for others? I have yet to see a muslim charity. What does the Koran say about infidels? Koran says to follow Bible yet you do not believe the Gospel according to John. please explain what Islam actually means in arabic. why do you fight amongst yourself when you claim Islam is peace?

  • Vegeta

    I’ll wipe you out you towelhead fucks. See if I care.

  • Abdul Rasheed

    Yes, just evacuate every muslim out of your country, and by the way get yourself out of their country. Dont force any country to sell oil only in dollars. And dont ever visit them. Let them have trade with who ever they like. You just want their oil and that is it.

  • Susan West

    Great letter, whom to send it to. Many in Australia would not even get the chance to read something like this, to few places to find the material. Democrats in America may as a few read it and dismiss this as right-wing propaganda. So we read this, and I believe this, now what? Has the German Chancellor Merkel, or Sweden’s leaders read this? I actually think it is to late, to many Greens and liberals in the way who will not understand until they are actually confronted by the executioner.

  • You are spot on Susan!

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